You and me multiplied

This year, I will celebrate Heritage Day, 24 September, with a great sense of appreciation. My descendants are a mix of four countries and a story of people on the move in constant search of a better existence. The stability I experience today feels strange and this Heritage Day is a reminder of the price that was paid for the life I have and the life I dream and work for.

When I think of the struggles of my grandmother or my mother, I see smart women whose lives were mostly about survival and putting out fires, who learnt to smile through the storms of life and to find joy from day to day.

My dilemma after being in one city for 11 years of my adult life is what to do with the stability in my life after so many years of strife. I am slowly walking into my potential with inspired hope. Awake to the fact that I do not have to live a life of survival, I embrace the challenge to explore and exploit my talents and it really is fun. The truth is that I am not the only one facing this challenge. Young people are achieving financial and career success in their twenties and thirties that previous generations achieved only in their forties and fifties. The curious question will be: What is next after you achieve great success so young?

In my opinion, the answer lies deep within us because God placed the answers as seeds of potential. In my own life I see the challenge as not how to make more money but how to maximise myself and do more things with excellence.

A look at my own talents makes me wonder if we are a generation of split personalities juggling multiple careers? It certainly seems to me that whereas successful careers in previous generations were like great trees with strong roots and imposing natures, successful careers in my generation will be like beautiful Persian gardens that are paradises of sustainability and pleasure – multi-talented and multidimensional.

I love making and performing music, I love writing songs, I love writing for different formats,  I love cooking and entertaining, I love designing living spaces and human settlements, I love restoring furniture, I love preventative health, I love publishing books, I love designing theatre shows, I love starting and growing a business, I love advising and coaching leaders, I love working with numbers, I love drawing, I love producing content and creating enabling environments for talented people, I love working with people.

I am also good at these things to the point of being capable of building a career from each one. So what shall I do you ask? Plant a tree?…. No thanks, I will create a garden no matter how long it takes me.

Till the next time,

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