What you write goes around (and comes back around)

Image copyright of ES Capital Partners 2014 - www.escp.co.za
Image copyright of ES Capital Partners 2014 – http://www.escp.co.za

A writer should be known for his or her words. Forgive me for stating the obvious, but it is the written words that qualify a person as a writer and once those words are published, the writer must take both the rewards and the responsibility for the impact of those words. I feel  writers have a ‘moral’ obligation to be honest and faithful in the representations they make in their writing. Yes, this is very utopian of me but this is what I believe and whether it will be the norm one day, time will tell.

I would like to state that any person who undertakes to write while entertaining any notion of someone else reading his or her work does so under one premise: that through that writer’s view or world, the reader sees or experiences an alternative. After all, isn’t learning about amassing alternative views to help us succeed in an ever-changing world? Far too many people want the glory and benefits of titles but none of the responsibility, and the weight of a writer’s responsibility for that matter. This thought dawned on me on 29 October 2013 when Marcus Ampe reblogged my post “Don’t be the weakest link” and cited several of my posts under a post of the same name on the blog “Stepping Toes”. Through my words, he expressed his own own ideas and views which in this case I happen to agree with – I also enjoyed how he curated my words in a way that even I could see new meanings from them!

But what happens when there is a danger of my words being used against me? What happens if my words are used to further an idea I do not agree with? What should my stance then be? I look at it this way: once people begin to use your words, the only assurance you have is how truthful and honestly you wrote (about the things you wrote about). Writers create realities and to borrow Sir Isaac Newton’s metaphor, our words become the shoulders others stand on to look further and it will be a shame if we point them in the wrong direction.

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