Walking Tall

Hello all!

It’s great to be back to posting. January is almost over and the few weeks that have passed have already been eventful. A couple of Sundays ago, I was privileged to speak and perform at the International Community Christian Church in Pretoria. Here is a post-event recording of that message which talks about why I started songwriting and I also perform Walking Tall, one of the songs from my anthology of Lyrics, titled Where to Now? Enjoy.

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It’s deep inside

A carpet of fallen Jacaranda flowers covers a sidewalk in Pretoria. ©O.Mkandawire/ESCP
A carpet of fallen Jacaranda flowers covers a side-walk in Pretoria. ©O. Mkandawire/ESCP

Pretoria is affectionately called the Jacaranda City. One cannot escape the imposing majesty of these beautiful trees when they bloom in early October as spring turns to summer. The carpet of purple on the streets from the fallen flowers is the last marker as we race towards the close of the year and to the wonderful festive summer break. You can almost tell the mood of the city by looking at these trees.

At ESCP, we are calling our October picture gallery, “Purple Rain” and I thought it would be timely to borrow a lesson from the jacarandas for this week’s post. Imagine someone coming to the city in June and getting very disappointed that the jacarandas look barren with their dry leaves and certainly no flowers. Would it be fair on the trees and the city? The certainty of the seasons is reflected in nature; and the beauty of the jacaranda’s bloom is hidden potential that is revealed only at the proper time. One season hides the beauty while another reveals it.

Our own lives are similar in that we are born with an internal compass. Like a line drawn from one point to another, I believe we are meant to be striving towards something; growing and blooming through the seasons of life. Whatever we become, like the jacaranda trees, we leave an impression on the world around us. I am particularly convinced of this by what is written on a person’s tombstone. Allow me to give a fictitious tombstone heading: Jane Doe. Born: 1 January 1980. Died: 31 December 2000. Buried: 01 January 2001. This life can allow us to draw a 20 year timeline for Jane Doe. Viewed in this way, we can see how the quality of the memories she leaves behind will be influenced by the decisions she made in the various seasons of her life. Where are you in your timeline? What season is your life in? How do you want the world to remember you?

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