WARNING: Explosions come standard

Minesweeper game, when an explosion has occurred. Credit: http://www.npr.org

Remember that Windows game called Minesweeper where you had a set of blocks and your task was to uncover all blocks that were safe and mark all the mines without getting blown up? Sometimes I think life is a lot like Minesweeper: you keep jumping forward from block to block not knowing whether you will land on a mine. Each mine that explodes teaches you something for the next time and the hope is that you keep getting better and that the exploding mines leave you with enough will to fight another day. At these times I wish my father was here to prepare me for the life changing meetings that lie ahead. I imagine him running me through our plan of action and inspiring my confidence with his love and experience. His presence calms me down knowing that he will help me if I detonate a mine: his words of wisdom will help me learn and bridge any relationship my impatience strains.

There is comfort in a sure thing and I think this is the allure of ‘shortcuts’ to success and quick fixes. But difficult as the uncertainty may seem, we need to face it because that is a crucial and necessary part of life. Somehow I believe that our faith in God helps make things sure; He is the Father that promises to be with us through thick and thin and to guide us through life’s decisions and challenges. His word helps us avoid the mines that may blow up in our faces and drag us back a step. So as the week begins, my prayer is that we renew our trust in God’s ability to lead us in our uncertainties. After all, what progress would the world have made if each setback brings us back to zero?

Till the next time,