Walking Tall

Hello all!

It’s great to be back to posting. January is almost over and the few weeks that have passed have already been eventful. A couple of Sundays ago, I was privileged to speak and perform at the International Community Christian Church in Pretoria. Here is a post-event recording of that message which talks about why I started songwriting and I also perform Walking Tall, one of the songs from my anthology of Lyrics, titled Where to Now? Enjoy.

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When Dark Clouds gather, it’s time to Count Your Blessings

Dark cloudsIt’s a sunny day and everyone is happy. We are all gathered by the pool having a lovely braai as we celebrate the summer. The sweet smoke rises as the delicious meat slowly cooks over the fire: we all eagerly wait. Drinks flow as our favourite music plays; the kids jump in and out of the pool while the adults make conversation, form alliances and reinforce deals and ideals. Yes it’s a perfect picture; except that shortly after this scene I could have an episode of melancholy – a deep, dark sadness that comes without explanation.

As a person prone to melancholy, I often wonder where the root of this sadness is lodged. Sometimes it even comes after a successful meeting or event and I begin to berate myself for not being good enough or for being a failure. In those moments, I am not brave and I completely ignore all the good things in my life and just focus on the negative. What is going on? Am I impatient? Am I ungrateful? Have I lost faith?

In my case, these spells last only a few days at most and recently, they’ve become shorter but I still worry about it. What would happen if there was no one around to tell me the truth when these attacks happen? Right before my first live show, I started getting nervous and began feeling like I had made a big mistake and was questioning everything I have worked hard for, but the voices of reason around me allowed a ray of light to pierce through the dark clouds with words like: “No! I will not accept that you are a failure.” “No! I will not let you question what you have built because you are feeling sad and cannot tell your left foot from your right”. “No! Let’s get on with work because we have done some amazing things together”. “No! I will not let you drag me into your pity party”. I couldn’t help but laugh. What happened? Was this harsh brush with love bringing me back to my senses? How do I bottle these words of wisdom for the next time?

In all honesty, I know that it will happen again but this time I feel a little confident that God has used the honesty of people around me to reinforce a song I knew as a child. “Count your blessings, name them one by one. Count your blessings, see what God has done. Count your blessings, name them one by one. And it will surprise you what the Lord has done”.

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The face of Faith

If faith had a face, what would it look like? I believe that every creature on earth, great and small wants more life. In the animal kingdom, more life represents survival – the ability to successfully continue the species in an ever-changing environment. For me, more life is the ability to live out today with what I need, a few wants and the confidence that no dream is beyond my reach as long as I want to make the world better. The face of faith is therefore action that fulfils my life today and brings out the future from within me.

To understand the future it is best to explore the past and note that history is nothing more than the actions of men and women yesterday. Each day’s activity becomes a part of history. If history is made by our actions, then the future too must be made from our actions and must come from within us. We therefore do not move towards our future but create it from within and paint it onto the canvas of history with our actions.

Faith therefore walks towards a non-existent future and brings it about with every step – much like walking on water and forming a bridge with each forward step. That bridge will stay there as a testament of your work for generations to come. Faith looks within and believes the future it sees. What do you see when you look at your talents? Do you see for yourself a new world? Most people put their trust in their education when education is just a tool. Putting your faith in education is like a chef saying he can’t cook without his pots and knives. Yes having quality tools is great, the real asset of a master chef however, is his or her mind and it doesn’t matter where you put them, they will be able to achieve a great result.

Faith is believing that you can make the life you desire. That life is inside you and that life is embroidered with your talent. On 14 November 2013, I will launch my book “Where to Now?” with a show at Joburg Theatre’s “The Fringe” and realise my dream of becoming a singer and songwriter, author and Producer in a space of six years. I will realise another dream when I go on my Talent Tour to high schools and community groups sharing the message of talent and changing our world by taking small individual steps that can be pooled together.

I believed that my dream could come true regardless of what the odds were and I believe that your dream can come true too but you will need to believe it, act on it, and walk in faith.

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Where to now? The Journey continues

In the winter of 2013, twentieth May to be exact, I took delivery of 3000 copies of my first book “Where to now?” and it was a wonderful moment. As I drove to meet the couriers at the warehouse, I wondered what the book would look like and how the next few months would unfold. When I finally held the first copies I was humbled by the memory of the process that had brought this magical moment about. Every decision about each aspect of the book was a learning experience. I brought the books home and the pride and joy on my wife Otae’s face was even more wonderful; we had done it. The new author and his project editor – a moment I will always cherish.

Winter is now giving way to the spring with exciting plans in the works. Anticipating the book is different from actually holding it. I watch people respond to the book and I become even more eager to take its message to the world. The past two months have seen a great development in my work life as we plan for the book’s launch with a live concert on 14 November 2013 at The Fringe, Joburg theatre.

The book has developed an even stronger partnership with Otae who is now working with me at our company ES Capital Partners on a full time basis. Watching her develop our marketing strategy, I am left amazed at how brilliant she is. With a good ear for music, she helped me produce the first single “Lie lie lie” which is the first song in the print version of the book and the seventh in the ebook version and we are now planning the first album.

Before that though, I’ll be promoting the book’s message about building your life on talent at a local school or youth group on The Talent Tour.

Till the next time,